Parenting Workshops

These workshops are free of charge for members of the Institute. One to three hours: $150.00 (includes packet of information materials). Parents Anonymous® will also design a workshop to suit the needs of participants.  Topics for special workshops have included positive discipline, teens, and fatherhood.

Preventing Parent Burnout

Raising kids is tiring work!  Parenting is a 24-hour job with no pay raises or time-off for good behavior.  It’s no wonder that moms and dads get burned-out.  This exciting workshop explores the symptoms of burn-out and offers effective stress management techniques for parents.

Time-Out for Parents:  Coping With Anger

Everybody has heard of the dreaded time-out chair for kids:  a safe place to cool down.  Doesn’t it make sense for parents to have a time-out  This fast paced workshop address anger in a humorous light using experiential exercises and some lecture.  Parents will have the opportunity to look at the roots of anger, to discover their personal anger triggers, and learn some practical methods to control anger.

Child Abuse and Neglect Training

An in-depth training for staff which addresses behavioral indicators of child abuse and neglect and child sexual abuse, dynamics of abusive and neglectful parents, adult manifestations of child abuse and neglect, and treatment options.

Telling Your Story Effectively to promote Advocacy

Often professionals want to hear the experiences of parents who have experienced different systems or have children with challenges.  It is vital to learn how to effectively tell your story or you will not be truly heard.  Participants will identify a story they want to share and learn how to tell it in the most compelling manner that will encourage change.

How to be an Amazing Advisory Board member

Groups often ask parents to join advisory boards only to find that it is a token appointment.  This workshop will teach participants the role of an advisory board member, the tools they will need to participate effectively and how to tell if your advisory board is being effective.

Parents Anonymous Speakers Training

Many parents have never heard of Parents Anonymous® and the many services we have to build effective family and community leadership.  This workshop will provide the information and format to present a 15 minute workshop on Parents Anonymous®.